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TitoloBibliotheca medicinae practicae qua scripta ad partem medicinae practicam facentia a rerum initiis….. Tomus I: ad annum 1533 tomus II: ad annum 1534 ad a. 1647. Tomus III: ad annum 1648 ad a. 1685. Tomus IV: ad annum 1686 ad a. 1707
EditoreBarnae apud Em. Haller, & Basileae apud Joh. Schweighauser 
Descrizione(4 Voll. In 4, pp VIII, 539, (1); VI, 722; (IV), 650; VIII, 598, leg. m. pelle coeva. Bell'esemplare della rara ediz. orig. "Haller is the greatest bibliographer in our ranks... His works have been most helpful in the preparation of this catalogue. To learning and judgement he added that indispensable quality in a bibliographer, accuracy..." (W. Osler in Bibliotheca Osleriana), 1148). "Haller is one of the greatest names in medical bibliography. While pursuing his monumental scientific career he found time to compile bibliographies of botany, anatomy, medicine and surgery which formed the most complete reference work of the time, consisting of a classified analysis of over 52,000 publications of all countries..." (Garrison & Morton, 438, 6747). "The entire work is arranged by large subject groups, then chronologically under the subject. An alphabetical index of all the writers is also supplied... Here for the first time in the history of medical bibliography we find a work which attempts to be both comprehensive and critical at the same time. It was a magnificent attempt, probably impossible of achievement by any lesser person or one less industrious than Haller..." (Brodman, The development of medical bibliography, pp 71-74). Choulant, Bibliotheca medico-historica, p. 161. Fulton, The great medical bibliographers, pp 43-44) 
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